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Taking visitors on their discovery tour of Huahine is one of my great pleasures on this island. For the privileged few who are lucky enough to see their Polynesian dream come true, I'm committed to making it special.

More than any other island I've visited here (Marquesas, Tuamotu, Moorea > Maupiti) and elsewhere in the world (…), Huahine seduced me with an invitation to lay down the suitcase and call it my island home. I've never stopped exploring since, it always has beautiful surprises in stock for me !  I look forward to sharing my discoveries and "coup de cœur" with you.

To me, Huahine gathers the essence of Polynesia: beaches and lagoon, generous nature, living traditions, welcoming local life, and the easy-going « island style » life of the South Seas.

Born in Germany, I grew up in Switzerland and in the United States (=French, English, German). I heard the call from the outside world very early, travelling came naturally …the unknown, all those other lives, colors, flavors, the marvels just waiting to be discovered, I've always seen the world as a fabulous treasure chest. I set both feet on the five continents, discovered amazing places, met, learned, shared, lived many (and survived a few:) exciting adventures.

My professional life also got me travelling, and working with many different countries. A few "side trips" to the tourism sector gave me the opportunity to manage a lodge in Costa Rica, create the first Polynesian bar-restaurant in Switzerland, and even open a B&B in Alaska.

I don't like it cold anymore. To me, life is more enjoyable with bare feet, when the thermometer reads a very positive figure, and it simply tastes better in the tropics.

Today, I am more than happy to leave corporate organization and marketing strategies behind. Office life and shareholder demands simply can't compete with the attraction of nature's artistic performances and the precious treasures of our beautiful planet. I feel invaluably fortunate to share my life between Switzerland and Polynesia, and to meet so many wonderful people.

Following a group has never been my cup of tea, but I do appreciate the advantage of having a kind-hearted guide, especially when my time is limited. This "private à la carte" service was missing in Huahine. With me, each tour is different. And with the precious complicity of my Polynesian friends, your discovery of Huahine Island will be truly exceptional !

I look forward to unveiling Huahine’s best kept secrets for you. 

ybiscus noir s blanc  To see you charmed by Huahine – and wishing you could stay a little longer – is my greatest reward.

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