These islands have enchanted writers, artists, generations of sailors, travellers from all over… and now us !

The islands of Tahiti are very, very far away from… anywhere. It's the ultimate tropical paradise destination, for many the dream of a lifetime.

You have to look very closely at a map of the Pacific Ocean to spot these tiny dots, so small they can't even contain their own name. Oceania (the Maori world) stretches from Hawaii up North to Easter Island down South and all the way to New Zealand towards the setting sun. In the heart of this immense triangle you'll find Tahiti, which is in fact the name of the largest and main island, but we often use it to refer to the entire group of islands that make French Polynesia (because it sounds so much better:).

Each has its own identity, caracter, treasures waiting to be discovered. From the mountaineous Marquesas to the temperate Australes, that's 118 islands for the official count, stretching across a territory as vast as Europe, a lot of it water. Your time is limited, making the right choices is essential… Huahine's a must !!

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This is nature's treasure island. With the cultural highlights and 6000 smiles, you'll find the very best ingredients of the Polynesian dream here.

Today, when you think "Tahiti", your imagination is really taking you to Huahine…

"The garden island", "the authentic island", "the wild and untamed", pristine Huahine knows to amaze and charm the senses. Life here beats to the rhythm of nature, seasons, fishing and harvesting, island events. This island welcomes visitors with contagious smiles, white sand beaches lined with coconut trees, postcard motu's, spectacular views, sacred historical sites, handicrafts, the village market, tropical gardens, vanilla plantations, mountains with legendary profiles covered in lush vegetation, and a beauty festival of greens and blues, perfumed with the scent of so many flowers.

Also known as "culture island", Huahine has a great concentration of archeological remains, more than any other in the Pacific. Witnesses of another time, not so long ago… Thanks to the absence of exploitable riches, these islands were the last land to suffer the ravages of colonization, less than 200 years ago. Enjoying extraordinary isolation, the Polynesians developed a unique civilization, with its culture, language, beliefs, its gods, legends, and life intimately mingled with nature, that make their identity and pride still today. Even more so in Huahine.

Two islands sharing the same lagoon, linked by a small bridge, make the island Huahine (hoo-ah-hee-n-A). The road around it is 60km of pure bliss. Only 180km or a 30 minute flight from the capital, Papeete, it's a whole different world.

Like Moorea or BoraBora, Huahine is a "high island", gifted with both tropical treats: the lagoon and its mythical blues, the mountain and its fertile greens. Unlike its cousins, Huahine managed to stay just a step off the beaten tourist path. With only 3 hotels, it's well-preserved nature, culture and easy-going style are what make life so enviable here. You'll still find a bit of ancient Tahiti flavor on this island, and feel like time somehow suspended its hectic race to offer us a haven of peace and beauty. Locals extend a warm welcome to visitors, with true smiles and sweet-smelling fresh flower crowns.

I like to believe that Huahine was created by some artist god to delight our senses.

Huahine is an invitation to slow down, indulge, discover, taste and smell, feel, let the natural wonders do their magic. So far away from everything, life here is pleasantly laid back. So far away from any industrial pollution, our waters are clean and the air is pure. The fragrances it carries are of flowers, sea spray, forest, earth, vanilla… So far away from city lights, the stars are uncountable.

   Fascinating and generous, it inspires us respect and admiration, offers us a gift of beautiful emotions, and gives us wonderful memories to take home. The preserved nature of these islands deserves to be protected: Leave behind nothing but footprints…